The Main Types Of Small Size Ceiling Fans

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Whenever you are in the process of buying a ceiling fan, you want to factor in the size that you are going to need. If you have a smaller sized room, you will want to get a small-sized ceiling fan. In this article, we will be going over some of the different types of small size ceiling fans that you should be looking for and some factors that should influence your decision.

Small Types Of Ceiling Fans:

1. Mini Ceiling Fans

This is one of the types of ceiling fans that you should be considering if you are someone that is looking to install a ceiling fan in a very small room. There are designed for extremely small rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, and more. Typically you only want to use these types of fans if your room is maximum of 6 foot by 6 foot. That way, you know that it is going to provide adequate cooling. Anything larger than this, you will want to opt for a larger fan.

2. Flush Mount

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If you are dealing with a small room that has a low ceiling, you are going to want to be certain that you aren’t buying a fan that is going to dip too low. You want a fan that is low profile in order to keep the blades closer to the ceiling. If your ceiling is less than 8 feet, you will want to get yourself a low profile ceiling fan to keep it from dropping too low. These ceiling fans are equipped with a flush mount in order to keep it as flush with the ceiling as possible. Having a mount that doesn’t have a lot of space between the blades and the ceiling can help you install a fan even in a room that has a low ceiling.

Factors That You Should Be Considering:

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When you are buying a small ceiling fan, there are certain things that you should be factored into your decision-making process. Below, we will go over a few of them.

Factors To Consider:

1. Price

The price of the ceiling fan is easily one of the first things that you want to consider when you are shopping for one. Ideally, you want to identify and choose a fan that is going to offer you considerable value for the money. There are fans available at virtually every price point. Therefore, you shouldn’t be stuck overpaying for a single fan.

2. Diameter

When looking for a small size fan, you want to consider the diameter of the fan itself. That way, you can find one that is going to offer optimal airflow for the room you intend to use it in.

3. Noise

If you are opting for a smaller sized fan and you are installing it in a smaller sized room, you will likely care about the noise that it creates. Finding a fan that isn’t going to create too much noise in its operation is likely a priority. Therefore, you should figure out whether or not it’s included motor is going to be too loud for the space you are going to be using it in.

There are a lot of things that you should be considering when you are shopping for smaller sized ceiling fans. By using the above criteria, you should be able to find the right fan for your use-case. You want to look at the size of the fan in relation to the room you are intending on installing it. You also want to consider the amount and whether or not you need something that is low profile. That way, you can find the ideal size and fit for your room.